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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too small or too large for your HR services?

Our clients range from small startups to medium sized businesses. The majority of our clients have anywhere from 1 to 75 employees.

Are you a temp agency or a payroll company? What’s the difference between your company and these other types of HR companies?

We do not place temporary employees or process payroll. Our role and objective is to guide you in the process of employee transactions and to assist you with handling the challenges of managing your workforce. We do, however, have access to a variety of small business resources such as Legal, Business Formation, Corporate Records, IT Support, Graphic Design, Payroll Processing, CPA, Bookkeeping and many others - just ask!

Will you replace my current HR staff or management?

We are not going to replace anyone - unless that is your desire. We are happy to be a supplement and support to an organization and those within the Human Resource functions based on their needs. We help contain costs by helping those with limited resources by providing them with a "safety net".

Why should I outsource any of my Human Resource functions or projects?

Outsourcing your human resource functions or projects allows you to gain access to immediate resources and experience that are not currently available within your organization. This allows you to develop effective applications that fit your specific situation and company. Bottom line? It helps you to focus on those things that are your CORE business and not the administration behind the scenes - that's our job!

How can you really be experienced and knowledgeable in so many areas of HR?

Our generalist perspective and over 22 years of experience gives us the knowledge to be experts within all the areas of services we offer. Additionally, we spend approximately 3 hours daily catching up on all of the latest developments in the world of Labor law and regulations at the state and federal levels.